Ban appeal perma ban

Byond Account:iceytwins
Character Name(s):ezra whitter(this round it was cool something i dont know)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):marlow#5065
Round ID of Ban:23516

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal:I would like my ban to be a period of time or unbanned because i was making a joke between me and my friends and it was not harming anyone no one was affected it wasnt even erp it was a joke because it was just between me and my friend while we were wating for my other friend to get back I was playing as clown and my friend was mime we made squirting jokes with the water flower.

What are the ckeys of the friends so we can confirm that they were in on the joke? Are they friends in real life or just in-game? We have minors on our server, so sexual jokes with people you only know here is obviously not acceptable.

What is a C key and they are IRL friends.We wernt in a vc at the time because they dont have discord as far as i know i asked them in game I have their phone numbers tho.

Ckey is their byond usernames

oh ok there was 2 of them the one we were waiting to get back and the one i was joking with which one you want?

The one you were joking with

Actually both ckeys please

I have been messaging mans for like 20 he aint responding

i cant get a hold of the one i was joking with but i the afk one i know his main i dont know his alt tho will his mains c key work?

Sure his main ckey is fine.

ok so i convinced him to get on today he said after he takes a nap he will check his c key
this is the c key tho right if it is thats mines i just wanted to know if this was a c key

This is your ckey, yes

ok i got one of their c keys
this is one ill type it out here: Variscitehater
the other guy i think he may have blocked my phone number after yesterday

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is the c key i gave you good enough i think the other guy blocked me

Yeah, that’s fine. I’m going to be investigating the other ckey, but based on your in-game conduct, your ban is not getting appealed. As I stated earlier, we have minors on our server, and the explicit sexual content you are trying to pass off as a joke is not at all acceptable here.