Ban Appeal - Prods

Byond Account: Prods
Character Name(s): Randall Hogmark
Round ID of Ban: N/A
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Can’t see it, know it’s there though.
State your appeal: Apologies for taking it to Discord, I just wanted an immediate response as to issues I took with the 1 day ban without making a whole appeal post about it. And I still believe there are things from the round of that ban which should be looked at again. But regardless, will not happen again.

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I might have considered this if you didn’t join our Discord for the sole purpose of harassing the banning staff member. Our staff are volunteers, and we don’t tolerate people randomly abusing them. This has been moved to a perma ban, and this appeal is denied.

Montague Joyce (5’6")