Ban appeal: Rainbolt

Byond Account: Rainbolt
Character Name(s): Dylan Lord
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Rain#5755
Round ID of Ban: 15290
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
"You have been banned by Bampotio from the server.
Reason: Round ID: 15290 Made a creepy sexual joke at a felanid, completely innapropriate for our server if you want to play here again make and appeal on our forum
This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 1440 minutes. The round ID is 15290.
To appeal this ban go to "

State your appeal:
Hello! Hows it going? I was playing fulpstation earlier today.
I had just gotten off the arrival shuttle, the round just having started. I was sporting the usual clown custome, the whole shabang.
Anyway, as I exit the shuttle the first person I see is a character by the name of “Vitamin C”.
I approached this character and said something along the words: “Vitamin C? How about I give you some Vitamin D”? Now, as per the ancient clown custom, I took out my banana peel and slipped her.
I was just about to let out a hearty laugh before I was shot to death, I think, maybe by an admin gun. Although I am not entirely sure.

After this, I received a few admin messages, the first one said something like “stop being creepy”.
I promptly apologized as I thought it was just a bit of harmless fun. But apparently my clown shenanigans other fulpstationers may not have seen it that way, and understandably so.

I’m wondering if it’s possible if I can get an early unban? I said one line of text that was out of line, and I recieved no warning before being banned. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you have a great rest of your day.

-Rainbolt (aka Dylan Lord)

i would like to note that i did warn you

Sorry, i’m a little perplexed. When did you warn me?
After I was recieved the initial “stop being creepy message” I ceased all of these activities.


it was when i told you i was gonna perma you

im confused, you were giving her vitamin d via a banana without vitamin d

Is a ban a word of warning? I understand now what I said was wrong, seemingly inappropriate, and I apologize. But I wasn’t really given a chance of recourse at the earliest opportunity. It was just one line of text, able to be perceived as innuendo, and banned. I would like you to know I harbor no ill will about this.


We take such a strict stance against any form of sexual content because we allow minors on the server. I suggest you read our rules here for extra information.

Making sexual jokes or comments to people when you don’t know that they’re okay with it is sexual harassment. Just because you think it’s funny doesn’t mean you’re entitled to make sexual comments toward or about another person. That goes for real life and on the server. This ban also took place almost immediately after your ban for making comments about pedophilia was lifted, so I don’t think we’re really losing anything by keeping this ban in place. Denied.

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