Ban Appeal: RogueSkills

Byond Account: RogueSkills
Character Name(s): Rex Sampson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):Rogueskills/ Rex Sampson
Round ID of Ban:19007

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Note left by Maxspells on 2022-02-22 22:42:16
Banned from Roles: Captain, Head of Personnel, Chief Engineer, Chief Medical Officer, Research Director, Head of Security for 3 days - Round 19007 - Following up on a griefpatrol. As captain, destroyed the AI defenses of a non-delta AI, with a double bladed energy sword. This is powergaming, and captain shouldn’t ever be using contraband, except for specific circumstances. Read the rules on Command and Space law here: Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki

State your appeal: It started with getting a message form a jani about ai hacked APC’s in maints, i sent a message to RD to look into it and followed up with him a few mins later in person. We decided to go ask the ai if we could check its laws. We got to the sat and requested it to open but it refused with with a reply like " i wont listen to orders from an un shielded officer". Even though i was with the RD and was the one who gave the order. So we backed off and went to gather tools needed to check the Ai, like the emp gun. I go back to bridge after brig to find a tot with a double e sword in my office we fight and he cuts my head off but not before i can get a message about an attacker in bridge out. Det comes and shoots him dead and gets me revived. Once im back up he (The det) hands me the double e sword and i go back to dealing with the ai. At this point the crew is yelling about the ai being malf and fucking with them. ie draining air/ bolting doors, typical ai stuff. I link up back with the RD after getting the emp gun back from where i died and we go back to trying to card the ai in the sat. The ai fucks with the air when we get there and tried to bolt us in. With the tools we had we were trapped. I tried using my sword to bust the door down and the RD tried to hack the door but to no avail as it was shocked and he was badly hurt/ dieing. I think comms were down at this point to. Seeing not much in the way of other options i pulled the double e out and cut through the door. The AI turned the turrets back on and I destroyed them and pushed further. I then see an assistant with the CE and someone else trying to push the ai from the transit tubes. The CE was dead and two borgs near them. i killed the borgs and the ai started blowing up apc’s and the teleporter. I keep pushing and eventually make it there and end the madness.

I want to say if this was powergaming im very sorry, i didnt see much of a choice that didnt end in my crew’s and my death. If im guilty ill gladly serve my time and accept the punishment, i just wanted to give my side of the story.

While the mod was correct in telling you that the captain shouldn’t be using contraband as this is against the server rules on powergaming, this is the first time you’ve been warned about powergaming as the captain, so I’m reducing this to a note. Please be mindful about putting contraband away before going after antags (which ideally you should leave to security when possible anyway). You should be able to roll for command roles starting next round.

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