Ban Appeal: Second appeal for an incident where I blew up the shuttle

Byond Account: TheGayRhinoceros
Character Name(s):Homes Hippo (I think this was my name)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TheGayRhinoceros#3356
Round ID of Ban:14357

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):banned from playing on this device .self antag did a massive bomb on evac and killed everybody aboard you were already talked to about this kind of thing and choose to do it again. if you want to appeal go to the forums at 2 banID(#19138) this ban was applied by Sliggist
State your appeal: So I am writing this appeal as I am bored and miss playing ss13 with this codebase. I rather was recently banned on TG stations for Lying to the admins. In the months since I’ve played Fulp last I have grown a lot as a player learning new ways to play/ enjoy the game. To address my ban I blew up the shuttle. At the time I didn’t take it to seriously as the time lost from dying on the shuttle to me wasn’t that much. From then I’ve realized how much damage I caused that Incident especially to traitors who spent a lot of time and effort in getting green text. The Indecent was also downplayed in my mind at the time as it was an accident, but what didn’t occur to me was that the admins had no way of knowing that that was true and they had reason (my previous incident with explosions on the station) to believe that it was on purpose. I truly apologize for my actions and am sorry for my mistake I now realize the full gravity of the situation. I also apologize for being being overly aggressive in the previous appeal. And to address the ban on TG I fell into the same trap of not seeing the situation from the perspective of an admin. I do have a ban on Beestation (I know this is a lot of bans, but this is my last hope for playing on an ss13 server that I like) That is a complicated situation that I handled very badly. If my ban appeal is appealed I vow to think of the possible repercussions of an action before taking it as well as seeing a situation from someone else perspective.

You have active bans from bee, /tg/, and Fulp for similar reasons. The /tg/ ban was applied earlier this month. Clearly, your behavior hasn’t improved at all, and 2 weeks from your most recent ban isn’t enough time to convince me that you’re ready to play by the rules. Denied. You can appeal again in a couple months.