Ban Appeal: Silanus

Byond Account: Silanus
Character Name(s): Rodney H. Porter
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Silanus#8008
Round ID of Ban: 15094
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 

State your appeal: As a Heretic, I was trying to use the Chef’s Coldroom to try and transmute a Void Knife. I told the Cleaning Borg that went in after me to “close the door”, since by that point it was finished and on its way out. Not only did it not close the door, it stood and waited right outside, staring directly into the freezer, and when it automatically closed it decided to re-open it. Me, being annoyed as hell at trying to do Heretic stuff and having a borg be there, potentially being witness to this as well as it potentially being malf, I went to attack and kill it. It eventually succeeded, directly outside of the robotics hallway- to which I immediately dragged it into robotics, asking them to “check it”. Later into the round I get PDA’d being told that it wasn’t Malf, and that it was Synced to the AI. So, realizing it was likely a shitter, I make a ticket about it. The staff member acknowledged my reasoning by stating “you killed them for opening a doorafter you told them to “close it””, meaning they were aware of the fact that the borg opened the door after I told it to close it. I fully admit that I jumped the gun a bit on the attacking and killing of the borg, and that I was impolite and angry during the ahelp. That is 100% my own fault and error, and I apologize for it. But, even after me asking to just end the ticket since no conclusion was going to be made since the both of us clearly disagreed on it, I was given a 3 day ban for “chased a borg down and killed them because they didn’t close a door quick enough, was agressive in ahelps and refused to admit they’d broke the rules, please take a break to read our rules.”. This cost me a fairly successful Heretic round, which obviously was very annoying to deal with. I was fully within my right to kill said borg since they falled under “witness” under reasonable kills for heretic. I didn’t remove the borg from the round permanently, in fact quite the opposite since I directly took them to robotics after killing them (albeit not going very far since the borg was killed next to robotics, but I still dragged them there nonetheless). Overall, I feel the situation wasn’t very fairly handled, and whilst I fully admit that my attitude and behaviour wasn’t fair or appropriate, that I was still in the right with regards to the actual ticket request itself and that element was ignored due to the attitude.

You were told to put this in after the round, which you failed to do. Getting so angry over this situation is ridiculous. You have nobody to blame but yourself for killing the borg over something so incredibly minor that could have easily been a mistake then talking yourself into a ban in the ticket.

Denied. It’s clear you need a break for a few days to calm down. This is an excellent opportunity for that.