Ban appeal: Spidusb

Byond Account: spidusb
Character Name(s): Bubba Ho-Tep
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): spidusb2915
Round ID of Ban: 11148

Morning, You applied a ban to me Thursday morning (#14514), and I am guilty of everything I’m accused of (nearly). I’d had a Thanksgiving argument with a family member, and, steaming from that argument, I fired up SS13 as an escape. When I was aggressively subdued into the cult I took out my frustrations on my fellow players. I was out of line, and this isn’t something I’ve ever perpetrated before. I can’t apologize for making those player’s round less fun, as we don’t really know each other. I didn’t quit outright when moved to Command, my internet service in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has been spotty due to bad thunderstorms. I lost my connection. If you’d consider lifting the ban, I will a)avoid family during holidays, and b) not login to SS13 without upholding the spirit of the game. Thanks.

The whole backstory about your family isn’t really relevant, but thank you for coming to the forums to explain what happened. This is, obviously, against the rules, so please make sure to read them before returning to the game. Additionally, if you feel like you’re having too much of a heated gamer moment, feel free to just disconnect, or if playing command or a team antag, ahelp and then disconnect.

You should be able to log back into the server now.