Ban appeal Steve Hobs

Byond Account: Ketsusu 
Character Name(s): Steve Hobs 
Discord Name: dr doofenshmirtz#1243
Round ID of Ban: 13001 
Ban Message:
State your appeal: We we're messing around (Yeah we definitely messed up, and both of us admit that we acted liked jerks) but I definitely don't think I deserve a perma ban, I've never even received a warning in Fulp, never caused the admins any trouble, only time an Admin had to message me was because of my name and I told him I understood and changed my name as soon as possible. I don't see how can you get permabanned without even killing someone. (The most we did was use H.A.R.S mutator on a mime, and H.A.R.S doesn't even kill you.) It makes no sense to be perma'd in your first mistake.

Metacomming for malicious purpose or sharing in-game information is a permabannable offense. Then you didn’t take the ahelp seriously, which is why you were permabanned and your friend wasn’t. If you agree to take things seriously next time and quit the metacomming, I will consider reducing the ban.

How was I not serious? What would I say? I was honest since there was nothing else to say. I already said in my appeal that we admit we were wrong and we won’t do it again since we acted like jerks.

And I’ve also seen ban appeals about people throwing molotov cocktails, delamming on purpose and these people don’t get permabanned but I get for metacomming?

It makes it really hard to understand the rules and the staff’s thoughts when a small thing gets you permabanned but literally delamming on purpose gets you a 3 days ban, I really don’t understand this.

There. Not taking the ahelp seriously at all. Even so, metacomming is in our policy as a permanent ban offense, as you are giving yourself an unfair advantage over others. Especially so if you are doing it to just ruin other people’s rounds.

But if you don’t want to take this seriously either, I can just deny this right now and save myself some time.

I’ve already explained that I said that because it’s the only answer, I actually stood for some seconds to think about what I could say and I was like “Alright, I’ll just tell him the truth and accept that I’m wrong and what he’ll say.” He didn’t say a WORD after that, just, poof, permabanned. He didn’t ask me if I was making fun of him, he didn’t tell me that this was a permabannable offense, he didn’t ask me if I was sorry, he just quietly permabanned me without even trying to communicate with me. I never tried to make fun of the admin or anything, I’m just used to being honest, and that’s the truth, I did it because I thought I was being funny, and after the case and after seeing that people did not like that, I understand that it wasn’t funny. If the admin actually tried to talk to me instead of quietly banning me everything could’ve been avoided and he could have made me understand the rules I was breaking and I could try to solve the problems I did in the round.

You don’t seem to have any remorse over doing this. Appeal denied. You’re welcome to appeal again in a month and this will be reconsidered.