Ban Appeal : Stonks1234

Byond Account: Stonks1234
Character Name(s): Cristian Jackson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): freddie mercury su l'speed(2862)
Round ID of Ban: 25027

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): banned by host: you, or another user of this computer or connection (Stonks1234) is banned from playing here. The ban reason is : Command 1.1 - command must be competent, space law. As HoS, immediatly perma’d another player for being syndicate when they were trying to report a crime without due as an officier. Command is expected to play competently. Round 18104. This ban (Bandid:25027) was aplied by Horatio22 on 2021-12-24 15:50:49 during round id 18104. The ban is for 3 days and expire on 2021-12-27 15:50:49 (serveur time)
State your appeal: i was the hos i saw a man wo was followed by a officier claiming he was syndicate i stun him put him in jail. my officier told me to let him do the job. i went to warden office cheking why he was wanted if we have other accusation then syndicate. the officier said that we must kill him i said no we need cap answer i want away call the cap. cap told me to go bridge that we have revs so i forgot about this guy and finally died by revs

This seems to be a misunderstanding of the events that happened, so I’ll remove the ban now.