Ban Appeal: Swifty_Swiss

Byond Account: Swifty_Swiss
Character Name(s): Brayden Naworynski
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Swifty_Swiss#8081
Round ID of Ban: 25677

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: My younger brother who is 14 came into my room one day and saw me playing SS13 and he asked me if I could play. I said sure. After 30 minutes I though him the basics and how to do everything. All of a sudden my mom calls me to speak to her to talk to her about my plans for university and I tell my brother to play the game but don’t do anything stupid. I talked with my mom for 20 minutes and then came back upstairs to find my brother in my chair on his phone. he said he got bored so he closed the game. I said okay. Then I log on to the game and find I am banned I tell him what did you do. I was angry. He said he got bored and started punching people because he thought it was funny and he was chatting to people. I kicked him out of my room angrily. It was not my fault I got banned it was my brother. I thought I could trust him playin this game but I was wrong. It was my fault I let him play and I ask for forgiveness and the chance to play on the server again because it is one of my favorites. I will not let my brother play again I promise. This account is not a ban evading grief account. Thank you

You can look through the other appeals to see how many times this excuse has worked. Generally, people are much more likely to have a ban appealed when they take responsibility for their actions and apologize. This is denied.