Ban Appeal: The fallout

Byond Account: Thefallout
Character Name(s):Randomized
Discord Name Anxiety#3296
Round ID of Ban: 11196
Ban Message: Admin Interact 3 Core 7 After your ticket was handled You Opened 3 more and when told this was a abuse of the ticket system you moved to Bitching in OOC Chat About how it was handled.
Appeal: I was banned by a admin abuser I already sent in my report of him abusing as well, Banned by admin abuser He ick ocked to the warden after I informed him that the warden was mishandling time and was about to perma me he deals with this but then when I break out after not getting a response from him about 10-15 minutes he ick ocks to the warden and the warden says that the admin said to perma me for breaking out. I then escape the warden and start breaking out again The admin then strips me of all my tools and replaces the wall with a hotel wall after i call him out for ick ocking. Shortly after I inform everyone else about this via OOC he bans me for ‘tickets’

To clarify what actually happened, you ahelped about being wrongfully perma’d, so I followed up by telling the warden the correct sentence for your IC crime and asked him to let you out. He said okay, and was on his way to do so. In the meantime, you had escaped from perma, so I clarified that the warden did not need to let you out. He asked why, but I didn’t specify until he was standing right in front of you as you were outside of perma. We’re a beginner server, and I felt that renegging on something that I had asked him warranted an explanation when it wasn’t revealing any round information that he wouldn’t already have. I closed the ticket. You were gulag’d and opened another ticket saying “I think sec is all retarded. They sent me back with my equipment”. I changed your equipment for you and, admittedly, picked a random wall to replace the tile. I closed the ticket again. You then opened 2 more tickets complaining, and I rejected both, telling you that you were abusing the ticketing system, and that continuing to do so would result in a ban. You then ick-ock’d about it and misrepresented what had actually happened in the ticket with the other player, hence the ban.

Though, to be fair, the ban message should have included 0.1 for rule skirting with the ick ock after being warned to stop with tickets.

Alright i have reviewed both this ban and the staff report. It seems you may be misunderstanding what “Ick ocking” is. Admin helps are a separate thing outside the IC/OOC purview of the game where staff inform people if they are breaking rules, answer help questions and so on. This situation starts with you self antagging as a non-antag roboticist where you “robusted sec” for literally no reason at all. You stole their gun and continued to resist arrest after you justifiably were being detained for it. This alone is against the rules but you then were brought to sec and they made the mistake of permaing you instead of a normal 7 minutes. The staff member involved informed them this was against the policy for space law and thus informed them to change it. In the time though you had attempted to escape your cell instead of waiting for a response which turned a normal resisting arrest to a lot worse and thus opened the warden up to perma. They informed them of this and then you proceeded to fight sec until staff intervened and set you to prisoner since you had already been taking up enough of securities time with your self antag behavior. You then went to OOC to bitch about it when the staff member told you to stop with the excessive ahelps which is part of admin core 7 so you went to OOC to spin a story that they somehow ick ocked and were abusing their powers against you despite the entire situation being your own fault from the very start. Please take some time to read our rules during your 3 day vacation from fulp and try to remember that unless you are an antag you have no business attacking security unless they are openly attacking you before hand.

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