Ban Appeal.: The fallout

Byond Account:Thefallout
Character Name(s): random
Discord Name: Anxiety#3296
Round ID of Ban: 11678
Ban Message: As a station engeneer refused to follow CEs orders and set up the SM and spread Radation around the station willingly
appeal: Running around with a radiation effect with no idea that you explode after a while at the time. I was unaware that you exploded after a while of not getting rid of the radiation effect. I now understand why that isn’t allowed now I at the time just figured it made you glow green and nothing more. At the time I was banned the question I should have asked was if anything happens after having the radiation effect for a while. I apologize for my actions as I am now aware that I was in the wrong. I was also unaware on how to setup the SM and I still am I had left that up to the others as I assumed they knew how. I also believe (but I am not certain) that I stated that I did not know how that round.

The issue wasn’t that you made a mistake; it was that, when contacted about it, you responded that you did it because “it’s funny”. That being said, this has been over a month, so I’m willing to accept this appeal with the understanding that similar grief behavior will result in you being re-perma’d. Please also make sure that you are treating staff respectfully as you have several notes about this already, and it’s really not cool to treat a team of volunteers that way.
You should be able to log back in. Let me know if you are having any difficulties!