Ban appeal- three days

Byond Account: Spinosaurus_DOOM
Character Name(s): Dingle Quantavious
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): SCP-4975#0001
Round ID of Ban: 26242

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Ban reason is: Admin 4: Repeatedly antagonizing roboticist after they told you to leave. This ban (BanID #38112) was applied by KveVy on 2023-06-02 20:19:15 during round ID 26242. This ban is for 3 days and expires on 2023-06-05 (server time).
State your appeal: So I was a cornered and I needed a body for a dissection, and a robosicist kept trying to take my scanner to do it himself because he had a body he refused to give up, and I told him to use the techfab but he kept trying to use my scanner so I told the AI to let me in to robotics and AI opened the door and I went in to get the body so I could do the dissection, but then radiation was coming so we all went into maints and then we came out and I tried to get the body yet again and I saw him with a scanner so I though he took it from me some time because I didn’t have the scanner on myself at the time so I tried to get it and the body when he hit me with a saw so I punched him in self defense when he sawed me to crit and it ended up taking 15~ minutes just to get revived. So I went back they after revival to try to get a body again and my scanner (which I did have I just didn’t know) when the person who attacked me was ssd. So I said “I am going to kidnap him” to the other roboticist, (and by that I meant I was gonna bring him to morgue and take back the stuff I thought he had when the other roboticist killed me and it took like 10 more minutes to get revived, so I went back and walked in the ssd guy and left. I then did a bit of work. I later came back, and drilled the moth who killed me before (the died like 6 minutes later) and I was goin a bring him to me day to heal him because I was just giving him a taste of their own doings but not killing them, when the other roboticist took them and told me to leave and I did so, later he came to medbay and the moth died and I revived them when I was aprisoned and banned for three days. The admin said it was over-escalation yet they over-escalate far more than I every did, yet they got away Scott-free. And I will admit I was being a bit of an asshole and I regret my actions but I do not think a full ban for three days was necessary. Thank you.

I won’t be handling the appeal but I want to clarify that Jim never took your scanner, he prayed for one so I gave him one.

yes he later said that, I didn’t know at the time

  1. If you submit another appeal that is just one run-on sentence again, I’m going to immediately deny it. Please put some effort into something you expect other people to actually read and take seriously.

  2. This alone makes it pretty clear the intention was to rule skirt; you didn’t kill him to barely avoid breaking the rules, but you knew what you were doing was objectionable.

This whole situation should have ended after you were taken to medbay and healed. Going back to harass him without additional provocation is not appropriate, and this ban is valid. Please re-read the rules on escalation before your ban expires tomorrow. This appeal is denied.