Ban appeal (UnscrupulousRealtor)

Byond Account: UnscrupulousRealtor
Character Name(s): Rob Uster
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):BlaketheSnake#7475
Round ID of Ban: 19615

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I got banned for killing a guy who was harassing me (not the point) but at the end of the ban message it says “You are also multikeying”. I have never logged onto another key from when I first joined fulpstation to present, so I’m not sure why the admin thinks that. I was also banned for “sexual content” when the only thing I said regarding that was referring to being without a uniform as “naked” .

What do you mean round removing people as a non-antag is “not the point”? That’s the primary basis of the ban.

It was me escalating the fight too far, which is not a random kill. He had been harassing me for about 5 minutes before I attacked him. I thought I was getting permabanned for the “You are also multi-keying”, not because of rules against RDM.

if you want this appeal to be reviewed, you’ll need to attach an image of the ban message or copy/paste the text.

I’m reducing this to a 3 day ban to be in line with our ban policy, as I don’t see any evidence of multikeying here. This is from the time of the original ban, meaning you should be able to play now.

That being said, you need to ahelp things like this when you encounter them in round and telling people to strip is not acceptable. I’ll be leaving a watchlist on your account, so please read over our rules again before you reconnect.