Character Name(s):Tyler Tanner
Discord Name VERYFASTMONKEY#3867
Round ID of Ban:20255

Ban Message Screenshot - 2484f27b1cf255b6f8d9dcd4dcf152fc - Gyazo
appeal: ok so im not denying that i broke a rule but i was a free golem and he was working with revs so i deep fried his brain and ate it but it was 1 guy why am i getting 3 days ban for 1 murder plus isnt he my enemy if im a free golem and hes a rev. im not saying my ban should be repealed even though 3 days is alot for 1 murder and this feels like a rant but i for the most part wanna know why why 3 days and in the ban it isnt mentioned that he was an enemy

im not denying that i broke a rule

We don’t do appeals for bans that are placed correctly, so I’m not sure why you are putting in an appeal if you know it was justified, to be honest. Three days is our minimum ban duration. This appeal is denied.