Ban Appeal: Zalinian

Byond Account: Zalinian
Character Name(s): Dickey Pike
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):zaknefain#4492
Round ID of Ban: 22149

Ban Message: Banned by host: You, or another user of this computer or connections (Zalinian) is banned from plaing here. The ban reason is: Round 16715 - Core 2.) Malicious Acts. Deconstructed 2 plasma canisters and ignored ahelps. Appeal on the forums if you want to take the game seriously. This ban (BandID #22149) Was applied by Tom F Hardy on 2021-09-17 21:46:07 during round ID 16715. This is a permanent ban.

State your appeal: New player. Died already in the round and saw an option to spawn in what appeared to be a sandbox area as some red skinned guy. Saw bears and couldn’t get in, so I grabbed plasma cans thinking they’d explode the glass to get in. Was unaware that the POST DEATH sandbox was a full-rules enforced zone. Did not know what AHelp was until this ban, because I was focusing on the screen and am not yet used to looking to the chat window (Fairly new, just glanced through gameplay wiki). Didn’t think that action damaged near by players, and either who were not already dead, to any meaningful extent, I apologize.

New player on fulp or ss13 in general? Have you played on other servers before?

New on Fulp. But I’d say I feel pretty inexperienced in general.

I played a round on Yogs yesterday morning, before that I think I played on Yogs over a year ago for a handful of rounds. Iirc I mostly stuck to Jani, Doctor, Bartender, and Chemist, but i think you can count those rounds entirely in the single digits lol (Don’t ask me if I remember how to make plastic… oil? Lol.)

I did read through the rules before joining, and after the ban. I don’t recall seeing anything related to the death zones, so I did try to follow the guidelines “If it takes more than 10 minutes for another player it’s groef”. I thought an explosion wouldn’t last more than am instant, but apparently it didn’t explode me open the glass to the bears, and just became napalm, but the napalm did clear up quickly after ignition, leaving me as the only casualty (me as the only casualty was the goal)

I digress: If napalming myself while in the shadow realm is still against the rules, it won’t happen anymore.

Yeah, you still shouldn’t grief spawners; they’re a way for players to continue playing when their round is over, so destroying it and removing that option for other players isn’t cool. Anyway, I’m accepting this appeal; please make sure to review the rules before rejoining the server.