Ban Appeal: Ziggurat Vertigo Romerol Incident

Byond Account: ZigguratVertigo
Character Name(s): Canna-Boll
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Ziggurat Vertigo#2778
Round ID of Ban: 16057
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): "Using Romerol with 2 simple goals, completely hijacking the round. When asked why you said you didn't know this was against the rules. You had your feel bumbs with the rules and have almost 600 hours on the server, if you didn't read the first antag rule I don't know what to say. Appeal this on the forums when you finally do it.

State your appeal: I got the Romerol from a surplus crate, and it was the only “weapon” I got from said crate. Having used Romerol before as a nuclear operative I had assumed that it would be fine to use (this is why I responded with “I didn’t know romerol was against the rules” when the admin questioned why) I do now understand that there is a difference between nuclear operatives and a single internal affairs agent, I’ll make sure I never make this mistake again - next time I get romerol, I’ll ahelp to have it replaced with something else.
Also, To prevent stuff like this from happening in the future I’d like to recommend that romerol get removed as a purchasable item for traitors, as I don’t see any way someone could use it that doesn’t completely destroy the round.

It has been our rule that traitors are only allowed to go as far as their goals for a long time, which is why romerol isn’t allowed normally but still accessible. Someone could use it to hijack or with DAGD, but any other situation is not valid. This is stated in our antag rules, which you should have read. Also the whole point of the surplus crate is that it is a gamble to get more items for the TC. If you get screwed over by one, that is an IC issue.