Ban Application (Loafin34)

Byond Account: Loafing34
Character Name(s): Bourne Bacchus
Discord Name (ie: PeterGryffindor23):
Round ID of Ban:23864

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):As a non-antagonist assistant, joined another assistant in RDMing people. You have a long history
State your appeal:
Hi, i’ve gotten a bunch of temporary bans, but this is the first permanent one. To be honest, I’m going to plead “Mob mentality”. So, I’m going to give some context: First up, it was a new round, Selenestation to be precise. Selenestation is, in my opinion, bloody terrible. Subjective at best, I know. So, some people were raving about doing an assistant gang in OOC, and I, of course, with assistant as my most played, wanted to join. Now, assistants are infamous for tiding. So, that’s what I feel everyone knew. Some guy crowned himself as the leader with a large sombrero, and we all grabbed each other and went into tool storage. There, we saw a hapless lizard engineer. Poor guy. We asked for multitools aggressively, and someone threw the first shove. I forget who, but it was a fight. 4v1 was not fun for the guy. We chased him all the way to medbay, and then a mime tabled me for a bit. I got out of it, and saw the lizard Dead. Now, this was the point where I should have stopped. Really just stopped there and gone “Ooh mate, I already got his toolbelt, I should just bring him to medbay.” But someone else did, and the sombrero guy was getting caught by the mime. So, I shoved him, and disablered the secoff that the mime was with. Then the sombrero dude beat the guy to crit (I helped with the disabler) aand we got jailed. The admin asked us if we were metacomming, which could be thought of, but I genuinely don’t know the guy. I think his name was “Adrien Jake” or something. And, that’s when I got banned after answering the admin’s questions. I believe that Tiding should not be permanent, but that this was still a warranted ban. I just ask to shorten it to a month. It feels like a long amount of time, that should stop me from ever thinking of tiding again. I hope you’ll consider this, even with my history.

Yeah, “everyone else was breaking the rules, so I should be exempt” has worked exactly 0 of the times it has been attempted. This is denied. You can re-appeal in 6 months.