Banana Peal: Koofus

  • Byond Account: Koofus
  • Character Name(s): Hutch Sharts maybe, or Koofo Binx
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Don’t have one
  • Round ID of Ban: 10352
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
  • State your appeal:

Yea I didn’t want to be a curator so I was made an engineer. Station was fine and everything was relatively normal outside of the usual chaos of an ss13 server so i decided to make a star trek styled corpse space launcher but I’d never used the conveyor belts before so I was just experimenting from departures. I had even put up glass walls to stop people from going in there accidentally as it pretty obviously led to space but I’m not anybody’s keeper so I don’t exactly get how it’s my fault. I don’t really believe that “several” people died either but if they did then that’s my bad I guess. Not really worth a permanent ban especially when I wasn’t lying about my intentions, I just can’t control a dozen people all running around me and messing with shit while I’m trying to build and go get materials and stuff. I don’t get why a security member wouldn’t just come tell me to take it down or I didn’t just get a warning, seems odd to jump on a new player so quickly for griefing when I wasn’t the one throwing anybody in there purposely or trying to trick anybody into falling into it like a trap. I didn’t come on there to grief seriously. The disposal loop thing is blatantly false because it never worked. It’s been like 10 days. Is enough enough? Or am I gonna remained permabanned for having a little fun near a round end when there was like 30 people on in the dead air time of the server?

I think the concern that the banning moderator had was that it appeared that this was a grief account since you had so little time on the server. That being said, it appears that this isn’t the case since you’re actually making an appeal, so I’ll remove the ban. Please make sure to check the server rules before connecting to the server.

You should be able to connect to the server now. Thanks for making an appeal!