Banned by pepsilawn, appeal for oceanman

Byond Account:Oceanman133
Character Name(s):Throwius Floorious Tilos
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):bpetar1207#4880
Round ID of Ban:14037
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Self antag-As a non antag atmospheric technician started destroying random objects such as windows and tables. After being ordered to stop by a member of command, attacked the person escorting them out with a fireaxe. This ban is for 3 days.

State your appeal: Alright first of all, i only destroyed 2 windows, 1 window to get inside because the door wasnt open and the other so i could sit at a chair. Unneccesary, but not anything important. I then destroyed 2 wooden tables. HOP ordered the guy to escort me out so intelligently instead of dragging me, he decides that permastunning me and aggro grabbing me is the best course of action! And if i remember correctly he threw me then aggro grabbed me again. And he doesnt even go to the direction of the door. I hit him with a fireaxe once, then he decides to murder me with my fireaxe. Overescalation on his part but hey who cares this is a ban appeal and hes right since i got the ban! I dont think this ban was fairly applied, and especially 3 days is a little too long for this in my opinion. I do agree i went way too overboard with me hiting him with a fireaxe, but he really shouldnt have permastunned me before.

Breaking windows to trespass is bad enough, but then attacking the person trying to nonlethally escort you out is easy justification for a ban. This is self antag. Them making sure you couldn’t fight back isn’t overescalation either, especially since you were swinging around a high-damage weapon like the fireaxe. You started using lethals, it’s not their fault for ending that fight. 3 day bans are our minimum ban length. Sit this one out and please don’t do something like this in the future.