Banned for saying lewd.kek

Banned for saying lewd.kek.
All in a non-sexual context of a roleplay. Arresting a prisoner, warden stripped them and I just said “lewd…” after passing by. I know you guys wont unban me but thats just fucking halarious. What is wrong with the staff here? The same staff memeber pulled me out of a tight battle in the middle of RP because he thought I was shooting random people when I just had my stun button jacked and been his over the head with it. GG. Never thought myself as a minge but apperntly the word.

LEWD is erp now. claps
I mean I would try and make a better apeal but I know you guys dont care and that you dont want me here, even though I do my best to make a positive RP experence for everyone.

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if you legitimately want to appeal you can you just have to fill out the template they banned you because you’re on parole from the discord incident


“hlep baned for saying lewd admin bad reeeeeeeeeee”