Banned for trying to get airlock circut from engineer, getting advanced tools, asking staff before doing something then got banned

Byond Account: SoulsRuined
Character Name(s): Damien Bozo
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Osump#7170
Round ID of Ban: 25483

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: clown made a shop, so i thought of doing a shop of my own, i needed tools and saw there are advanced tools so i made them and bought a tool belt, i also made shutter control circut and wanted to make a airlock circut before getting kicked and beaten by 3 engineers then it was 2 after a bit so i hit then in retailation as protest since i was a mime and couldnt speak and tried to communicate but they wont listen, then asked staff if i can get revenge to send them in crit or break sneakily like the mime i am but then i got smited then banned for 7 days for powergaming and tide, if clown made a shop then how i cant make a shop? it doesnt make sense :/, please explain.

Edit: also i pointed at the making thing maching at engineer to the engi and he said nothing so i went and continued to make the tools*, now if you ask why did i break the glass window its because i waited for ai or some engi or atmos but no one came, in the end it got fixed

You did this to yourself Max was talking calmly to you “dont respond by breaking rules”

attacking other players
Breaking into eng with active engies and AI

breaking into medical to get healing supplies while there is active medical staff with jobs to heal people

And lastly the note list which is to long to post so i only posted stuff from this year so the past 4 months

This is denied we have tried talking to you about power gaming and tiding but it doesn’t stick. If you see other players as an obstacle you have to avoid then this probably isn’t going to work out in the long run unless you change how you play the game.

I forgot to add i love the title asking staff before doing something then got banned because you were told

-you cant crit for a good reason
-youre power gaming again
-don’t respond by breaking the rules