Blaberface's Mentor App

Byond Account: Blaberface
Character Name(s): Dimitri Ruvic, HAL 9000
Discord Name: Blaberface#1069
Age: 18
Timezone: Mountain Standard Time
Active hours: Anytime between 8 am to 3 am (Varies from day to day)

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

138+ Hours (Hours alive)

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

I’m able to mentor in any department in Science, Silicon, Security, and Medbay.

In medbay, I can mentor for the jobs of Medic, Paramedic, CMO, Chemist, Virology, and Phycologist. In terms of my experience in medbay, I initially started out as a Cyborg and I found a lot of enjoyment from playing as the med-borg. Eventually, I started doing the actual thing and started playing as a human medic. I’ve learned from a lot of hours spent to be able to revive anyone using any method regardless of how long they had been dead for. As a paramedic (It’s basically a field medic) I understand when to bring people to medbay and when I can treat them at the site where I had found them; to reduce the load on medbay. As a chemist (This is where most of my hours are) I started by only working with the chem masters however, I began to delve into building rigs. This is where my first and only admin note came up, long story short. The other chemist refused to give me a plumbing tool (he had taken both) and when he finally relented and I started building a rig, he tore down what I was building and me still being relatively new attacked him. Nobody died, but I and the other chemist are now in touch. As a chemist, I know how to set up really good rigs and produce some really good meds at a relatively fast speed. I know basically all the mechanics behind meds and ended up creating some really powerful toxins which I used as an antag or against antags. As a CMO it is the one command role I play I know when to step in for people as well as all the machines that you can interact with. As a virologist, I understand all the mechanics and how to make virus combinations to produce really good viruses with good stats and whatnot. Phycologist is kind of a meme but I have prescribed people Krokodil when they are feeling down.

In the science department, I can mentor in the jobs of Roboticist, Geneticist, Xenobiologist, Toxins Laborisist. (Everything in Science except for Nanites). Roboticist was the first actual job I started playing on this server, I know how to build every mech, every bot, how to modify and fix borg laws, augmentation (And some other missed ones). In geneticist, I learned from “Stalking” People and asking the RD and started from having no idea how the job works to having an optimized plan to not waste monkeys and get hulks out whenever the RD requests it. In Xenobiology I understand all the mechanics from breeding slimes and how to get every slime breed. I know generally what each type of slime is capable of but I still look at the wiki to check what each crossbreed does (There are so many). In toxins, I have learned from “Stalking” people not menacingly but from the corner of the room. I know how to build max caps that yield guaranteed 50k RP and the entire process behind the Max Cap. I have also found a better method that gives you enough leftover gasses to build a second 50k RP max cap however, only one can actually be used. I also know how to get more and produce anomaly cores.
I only have a very basic knowledge of nanites and I cannot say I have mastered it cause so far I’ve only made a program that doesn’t work very well.

I find playing silicon to be a lot of fun however it got tedious for me really fast hence my shift to working in medbay. I first began playing silicon after seeing how so many people came to robotics to become borgs. I found it to be quite a lot of fun in terms of the RP situations you can have and the jank law sets you can get from the AI. I’ve played every type of borg and only really enjoyed medborg. I understand all the mechanics and all the interactions you can have as a borg. I can also help out new AI’s as I have played it for a bit, however, I have not played it enough to answer every question but I can confidently say I can answer most questions.

In terms of playing security, I have read over all the wiki pages and Fulp rules and space laws on how to play as a security guard and warden. I know all the combat techniques and strategies to drop someone without killing them. I understand how the prison system works and how prisoners should be treated as well as the chain of command for when prisoners are executed. I understand valid hunting is not allowed unless the antag has done something that violates space law or an order from the HOS tells me to kill the antag. Table slam Perma stun is stupid but effective.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

I’ve noticed that the community is generally very kind and understanding and most people follow the rules of the server. However I have noticed (Due to the beginner friendliness of the server) many people dis-regard the rules completely and often when they get the Antag role, they go murderboning. Many people do Valid Hunt and I consistently see people meta gaming in the sense that they know the antags weakness and chase the antag with the weapon of choice. There is generally a sense of RP however, it seems most people let power go over their heads, and as soon as they have a good weapon and you disagree with them, they go straight to being un-reasonable. I find that most people who play clowns seem to play similar to how a YouTuber who had been trolling on a server. And that really ticks me off when a clown thinks it is alright to shove you out the airlock. Generally, people are always open to helping other people when they have questions but there are a few people who are exceptions. Most people who play are open to suggestions and usually, listen if you are teaching them something new. One issue I have is that on Fulp it’s either things are falling apart or there is absolute silence. There are entire rounds where no real action happens and the antags are just maintenance crawlers. I think that the server needs to add a more easily accessible Rules page rather than an external link as many people especially new joins don’t even listen to people even if they are being told that they are violating rules. Lastly, I think Fulp has one of the better communities that gets built up over time, most people are awesome in terms of RP and following the rules however it seems Mega gaming happens way too much. It really gets on my nerves when a botanist breaks into robotics to build himself a mech suit for who knows what reason besides having a mech suit.


Just a quick update on this: We discussed your app at the meeting last Saturday, and we decided that, while we’re impressed with it, we’re going to review this in a week or two since you somehow managed to rack up all this time in less than a month on the server. I’ll be leaving this open until we have a decision for you!

Just a quick follow up. The time I have placed for the active hours is the upper and lower limits for me. Normally I’ll be on around dinner for a few rounds.

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Your app has been accepted. Welcome to the mentor team!