Blatant shuttle grief of Harry Pershing

Byond Account:Tetracor 
Character Name(s): Diego Thomas
Discord Name: Tetracor
Round ID: 13030
Griefer Byond account: saberling
Griefer Byond name: Harry Pershing
What happened: twice in a row this dude flame throwered everyone on the evac shuttle

everyone got really pissed cause its clear shuttle grief and he responds with this Capture 1 image

we all told him about the rules in ooc and he clearly didnt care.

i would also like to add these were his objectives.

im failing to see objective #4 kill everyone on the shuttle. i might be blind. can someone help me point it out?

also i forgot about this stuff. the very next round he delamed the sm and tried to blame it on another guy and used that excuse to kill him claiming he was a traitor.

this is a picture of the guy he killed.

then later the cap had to stop him from breaking into the ai sat. Capture ai

in all of this he is wearing the ce hardsuit because he stole it.

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sorted thanks for the report