Blue - self antag question mark

Byond Account: johnwillard
Character Name(s): John Willard
Discord Name: John Willard#6211
Round ID: 23245 (or maybe 23244 because the lobby reset itself)
Date: November 25 2022
Griefer IC name: Blue
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:

Blue helped Nuclear operatives and Jim Hardy kill me (HoS), saved a nukie, and helped fight security after that, they had a makarov pistol too. However, they aren’t listed as an antag in the roundend report. Others said they might’ve been brainwashed, but there’s no brainwashing equipment purchased either.

There was staff online, but I didn’t ahelp because I thought “oh they have a makarov and is helping a nukie & traitor, clearly theyre an antag”

Roundend report

Looked into this and both Blue and Jim Hardy were indeed hypnotized. No idea why the hypnoflash didn’t show up on the roundend report though.

Technically handled though, thanks for bringing it up!

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