Bob weed police brutality

Byond Account: Sheets
Character Name(s): Jed Joshek
Discord Name: Sheets#6667
Round ID: 14241
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Bob weed
What happened:

I ahelped twice in round giving more details on what he did, long story short, he was beating people to crit instead of arresting people again… when I asked him why he goes on about how I was tackling random people in halls, I only recall tackling one person in halls, leo jones a roboticist that stole a banana staff from cargo image. Tackling does no damage so I struggle to see why this is an issue. Later on the shuttle he says how I cant hit any tackles so I tackle and baton him once as a kind of “fuck you”, he batons me twice and beats me to crit and leaves me, with no epi. I get back up and ask why, this is what he says image.

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Dealt with!