Boboskhan banappeal

Byond Account: Boboskhan
Character Name(s): Negrundayo Smokey
Round ID of Ban: 18502

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Screenshot by Lightshot
State your appeal: THESE sequence of events are not REAL. This one guy was building reinforced vault doors in the hallway with the INTENTION of blocking it. This caused me to get trapped so I got PISSED off and shoved the dude and took his plasteel to stop him from building more vault doors (no harm YET). Then he chases me all the way to my department, and into the SM room where he starts shoving me and throws a punch at me. At first I was trying to shove him out of engineering and just get away from this lunatic BUT after he punched me IN my department thats when I decided to take the drastic measure of putting him into crit and tossing him out of engineering. In hindsight I MAYBE shouldve taken him to medbay but at this point I was still pent up with anger and hatred towards this guy so I just left him there lying in crit, but i then TOOK him to medbay after i got the admin notice. i wasn’t lying about him attacking me, I’m 80% sure he threw a punch at me during this mayhem of an interaction but I might be wrong about the punch with so much going on, but I still never went harmful on him until he trespassed into my department and started shoving me, BUT IM sure he punched me…

You’re correct. The other player did punch you first. This is within escalation and once you were reminded to bring them to medbay, you did so. You should have known to do so in the first place, but you fixed the problem when reminded so I will be removing this ban and converting it to a note.