Borgs space me for no reasons

Byond Account: Momocrisps

Character Name(s): Momo Crisps

Discord Name: Momocrisps#7355

Round ID: 10637

Griefer Byond account: Woflshard, one other

Griefer Byond name: Clockwork, Security Borg I didn’t catch the name of

What happened: I took a shower to remove radiation then as I left the Engineer borg (Clockwork) stuns me and the Security borg ties me up. They accuse me of wanting the AI dead (Something I not once even hinted at, nor was I antag) and then threw me out into space. The AI was malf, but their target was a Station Engineer named Likteer, they wanted nothing to do with me, and their laws said “Do No Harm”. The borgs were not subverted.

Worth noting that the person who wanted AI dead died very early into the round, got caught by security and ghosted from their living body.

Sorted, thanks for the report.