Cactas Ban Appeal

  • Byond Account:Cactas
  • Character Name(s):cactas
  • Round ID of Ban:9870
  • Ban Message
  • State your appeal:Space jesus told me to kill the moths even gave me abilities to assist me

So I think I remember this round because I was the objective of changeling team. I saw you randomly attacking people along with lings so presumed you were part of the ling squad. I doubt any space gods would actually tell you this as while discriminating against species IS allowed, killing them because of their species is not.

Maybe you were referring to the split personality talking to you, which infact is not space jesus. If that’s the case then you both deserve bans. Being a split personality or having one does not give either of you permission act as antags when you aren’t.

I suggest reading the server rules in the meantime (specifically in regards to rule 5).

5). Discrimination towards in-game sub-species and silicons is acceptable in moderation, but attacking them or otherwise preventing them from playing the round is not. Additionally, terms that are based off of real-life slurs are not allowed.

Server rules can be found here:

There’s absolutely no evidence of a subtle message from admins telling you to do this anywhere in the logs, and your anti-moth stuff started too early into the round for you to blame this on a personality commune. Regardless, “space jesus told me to” holds about as much water as “I was roleplaying a sociopath”, which is to say, none.

Appeal denied.