Can't wait till this is spammed in ooc

  • Byond Account: Moifern
  • Character Name(s): Master Electronic Mind Entity
  • Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Moifern
  • Round ID of Ban: 9201
  • Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): (last line is other players)
  • State your appeal:
    I had originally expressed what would’ve been my ban appeal to the banner under the notion I wouldn’t put in a ban appeal, but lets face it, I’m addicted to a 10 year old flash game.

TLDR it was lings that round, a borg said he had caught a confirmed ling, with the shuttle being 40 seconds from departure I gave him the go ahead to execute in sm. Borgo dusted himself with the chaplain that was “confirmed” as a ling and I get bwoinked and banned as he wasnt an antag at all.

My appeal statement:

-One thing that was told to me prior to the ban was that I’m not captain and I don’t have the right to execute. I was on paladin lawset so I guess I took more liberty with the decision than I should’ve and I take responsibility for that.

-The borg had said “confirmed ling.” Now to address how the shift had gone, and a lot of shifts recently as AI, the borgs under me have been either new, or don’t respect the laws they are under. It’s a fucking headache arguing with the borgs when they valid hunt on reporter or they start unconfirmed but pretty obvious suspects. The entire shift I had to watch and correct them so they follow the laws. I get very strict with borgs under me because I have been personally messaged and bwoinked for the actions of borgs I havent watched before. At one point a borg had asked me "Are we allowed to harm confirmed lings considering they aren’t organic, which I replied “yes if you are 100% sure they are confirmed lings.” I thought I had my bases covered with this statement, so I didn’t hesitate when I was told that the chaplain was a “confirmed ling.”

-The ban message references me killing people before. Now I’m not sure when this was as I only have a few notes, and the only one involving killing people as far as I can remember in the notes was the suicide bomb or the round I was a ling and started killing the CE as a non target a month and a half ago when I was only a week or so into the game entirely.
-If it was the suicide round referenced, the crew accidentally murdered was that, an accident. I was aiming for just a nukie, and the other two I believe weren’t in vision of me. That incident I went in with the intents of killing an antag who, without hesitation, would’ve killed me, and a couple crew got caught in the blast.
-if it was regarding the ling round, again, I had just started playing and thought ling was a murderbone role. I was quickly corrected and I never kill non targets since.

I’ll end this with one more note. I aim to play by the rules, so much so that I’ve given up easy greentexts because I refuse to kill or hurt non targets even if they block my goal (defending target, catch me stealing.) I am so fucking cautious before I attack someone in this game because I know the backlash it can have (still traumatized by that ling round bwoink when I first started playing) I don’t want to get banned so I don’t do shit that will get me banned, at least knowingly. If I make a mistake with the rules I don’t repeat it, if you check my notes, I’m literally not a repeat offender on anything to my knowledge, which is why I’m very confused as to “you’ve had a note about this before.”

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