Cap and HOP dereliction of duty

Byond Account: Dr_Canes
Character Name(s): Tye Lee
Discord Name: Showmewhatyougot
Round ID: 12992
Griefer Byond account: Captain Unknown, HOP Nova Williams
Griefer Byond name: BoltonsHead (Captain), HOP unknown
What happened: HOP and Cap would not help me get a job change, and then HOP assaulted me and threw me in the brig.

I already said it in the tickets. It was a nukie round and war was declared. In those case of events, there are better emergencies and priorities than giving a simple job change. HoP was tasked by the Captain, and Captain was dealing with defenses and securing the nuke disk.

Also don’t forget that on red alert, security is raised. And if the crew acts like a nuisance and impedes the work of the station against the current emergency, command and security is free to perform arrest to anyone hostile.

Is it clearer ?

MOD Edit : don’t attack other players

Don’t attack other players on the forum and more specialy if you want to reply on a grief patrol, bring useful feedback.

i am wanted for war crimes against minority groups in bosnia


MOD Edit : don’t attack other players and if you want to reply on a grief patrol, add useful feedback instead.

Alright then.

Case closed.