Captain, CE and HoS break into AI sat after refusing to remove safeties on Holodeck

Byond Account: WoflShard (mine)
Character Name(s): M.0.N.K.3.E.X.E (me)
Discord Name: Clockwork / Jack Beggar#8263
Round ID: 14303
Griefer Byond account: Bob Borkinson, Jacqueline Ironmonger and Sore Yew

Griefer Byond name: I don’t know their Byond names.
What happened: It’s a normal Greenshift, Zed Oppenheimer wanted me to release safeties on Holodeck and I refused because it could violate Law 1 by causing a Plasmaflood. Captain (Sore Yew) then argued that I had to follow Law 2 and so on even though it could break Law 1. Captain then headed into my Upload without telling me what Laws he was trying to Upload and I stopped him from doing so. After that the Captain decided to try and break into my AI sat with the CE (Bob Borkinson), HoS (Jacqueline Ironmonger) and some guy I didn’t catch the name of. CE then brought me to the shuttle afterwards in a Intellicard. They didn’t follow the right procedures many times and the CE / others in Holodeck declared me Malf without a good reason even though I reminded them that that was agaist “Station Policy”. It would be good if they were reminded to follow the correct procedures next time.

In that situation I had a reason to resist the law change. Captain decided to change the laws only on the fact that I tried to prevent Human Harm. That made me belive that he was going to add something that prevents me from preventing Human Harm. Law 5 says that I am allowed to refuse if I have sufficient reason which I had in that situation. Also I didn’t know of the exsistance of an admin rulings document that says that I’m not allowed to resist law changes from Captain/RD since I probably don’t have access to such documents. I was also told to look into Silicon Policy in the past for learning the rules.

If I’m still in the wrong then both sides are in the wrong since the CE (Zed Oppenheimer) still broke Law 1 in Silicon Policy by declaring me Malf before the Captain even decided to change the Laws.

Captain also didn’t know that Law 1 overrides Law 2 when Law 2 would cause Human Harm.

My only request in this grief patrol is that they get told what they did wrong and not much more. I have also learned of the rule that I’m apperently not allowed to refuse law changes from Captain/RD so that’s a plus.

This is a screenshot from the silicon policy and is the crux of the issue between yourself and the command staff. Your excuses ranged from antagonists abusing the holodeck to it being used to plasmaflood, which would all fall under “Future harm.” The crew were using the thunderdome module and engaging in some horseplay on a confirmed greenshift, and you constantly and needlessly escalated the situation.

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There are many people who just click on buttons and might trigger a Plasmaflood not only antagonists. There were about 7-9 people in the Holodeck at some point and in Greenshifts alot of people are bored and do crazy stuff sometimes. I don’t want to be the cause of possible deaths and then getting blamed for it later. Also removing the safeties for the Thunderdome is allowing people to get possibly dangerous weapons. Wouldn’t it be the same as letting people into the armory? If you could just ask AI to remove safeties on Holodeck every shift then why would there be safeties in the first place?

Past and future harm are to be disregarded.
-Fulpstation Silicon Policy

I don’t want to be the cause of possible deaths and then getting blamed for it later.

possible deaths

get possibly dangerous weapons.

If you genuinely do not understand how these statements work against eachother, that is something worthy of discussion. If you’re acting in bad faith and arguing around the point, I’m just not going to engage further with you.

Does that mean that I have to hand out a lethal weapons if they don’t cause immediate harm to someone if someone asks for them?

Sec officers get weapon permits so I imagine you should, in case nonhumans (hulks, benos, spiders etc.) would try harm them.

Lots of unnecessary chatter here, locking until another staff member can resolve this.

A reminder to please only post replies in grief patrols if you were involved in the round+grief in question. More unnecessary replies just leads to the patrol taking longer to get to.

This just seems like some small issue with law interpretation. Nothing really beyond a small mistake. Taken care of.