Cat Nines Ban Appeal

Byond Account: yinnopiano, Onadorable
Character Name(s): Kosaki, Kosaki Nya, Kosaki Nya Owo,  Cat Nines
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): kosaki#8848
Round ID of Ban: 13992
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

**State your appeal:** 

The moment I saw the grief patrol against me I was skeptical about it. I really don’t know what to say or how to prove my innocence in this situation, so I will present everything I have. I do not believe that the person who bombed themselves in the bar was me.

  1. The way that the “Cat Nines” left the round was not how I normally do things. If I have to leave I always either just SSD, take a spacewalk with no suit, or suicide via medical wrench or oxygen tank as it’s what I always have access to in very close proximity. Making a chemical solution, finding a lighter ,and then walking into the bar to blow myself up is too much of a hassle if I don’t want to play.

  2. The second thing I have is not really credible or truly verifiable information, but whenever I play a round i always have discord open. I partake in the after round chat in discord discussing how the round went & sometimes chatting during the round. However as the discord logs show, I did not say anything anywhere near the time when it happened. I understand if you don’t take this into consideration but it’s what I have.

  3. Another thing that I will bring up is my previous ban/note credibility. I know when I did something, and when I did not. I’m not here to waste the staff’s time or my time for something I know I did. Whenever I have discussed with a staff member about notes, bwoinks and appeals I have always been honest with what I have done & also with what I did not do. I understand I have a bad history & that I’m disliked by the staff team for justifiable reasons, but if there’s one thing I’m not is a liar.

  4. Something else I should mention is that the image proof that wasted posted against me in the original grief report (can be found here A poem about a Mime,Clown and Medical doctor - #5). In the image there is a screenshot that says “The solution violently explodes” and “Cat nines begins holding the cheap lighter flame…” So I assume that the player lit up some chemical explosion of some sort. I have not made any sort of explosive solutions in a very long time. The last note I have ever had about anything involving explosives was me getting bwoinked for throwing combustable lemons in the hallways, which was months ago.

If someone was playing on my account during the round that I was banned for, it was not me. If someone could please assist me in checking the ip/ckey/chat logs. I do not use a VPN & I only play fulpstation from one computer. I do not have any roomates or anyone else who has access to my computer. The IP that I was on during the round I was banned on an hour ago is the only one I have used since last June.

Lastly I want to thank the staff member who handles this for their time, I know this is a hassle & i’m sorry for it. I really don’t know how to go about this, please if someone can help me prove my innocence. - cat nines

edit; I know I’m on a tight leash & I wouldn’t do something as stupid as this. I want to become more involved In the fulp community & become a mentor in the future. I would not sabotage myself with something like this.

After checking into the ban, this is undoubtedly you. If what you say is true and nobody else can access your computer, there is no way that another person did this. Your ban has been increased to 7 days because you lied in this ban appeal.

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