CE orders engineer to validhunt

Byond Account: BagpipeJogger
Character Name(s): Laughing Gas
Discord Name:
Round ID: 22259
Date: 19/09/2022
Griefer IC name: Frank Furter, Hal Ber
Griefer Byond account (if known): Unknown

What happened: I was a traitor going about my business and doing my objectives, I plant an explosive to destroy the transit tubes room and then leave for a little bit. I then returned to see if I could get into the chief engineers room to get his magboots but I saw the CE, Hal Ber, through the window.

I waved at him and picked up some rods and started placing them on the floor to make it look as if I was repairing, but I heard him over engineering comms screaming that there’s clown syndicate. He didn’t have any reason to suspect this other than the fact that I happened to be in an area that had blown up a few minutes before.

A few moments later the engineer Frank Furter comes past and throws a throwing star at me for seemingly no reason before drifting away. After he left and the CE had vacated their office, I broke myself into the CE’s office to go after the boots again but didn’t manage to find them.

I leave and head towards an airlock to get back into the station, but Frank Furter reappears and follows me, first throwing a reinforced bola at me to stun me and then repeatedly hurling throwing stars at me until I’m dead, taking my bag and belt off afterwards and searching through them. He then professed that he was sorry, but that the chief engineer told him to do it, something he also repeated on the shuttle after I was revived just before the round ended.

Round end report showed that the engineer was not an antag so not sure why he thought it was okay to murder me with traitor gear, or why he thought it was okay for him to hunt down and kill me just because the CE told him to do so. The CE definitely should not have been ordering his staff to hunt down antags either. I ahelped during the round but did not get a response.

this has been handled. thanks for the report!