Certified Greenshift

Byond Account: Twox
Character Name(s): Nag.AI.Tha
Discord Name: Twox
Round ID:21989
Date: 31/08/2022 (uk date)
Griefer IC name:
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Quartermaster revolted against security and declared cargonia, some cargo techs joined in and they ended up killing an officer and having a sec raid on them.

HoP also created an illegal AI without permission.

This was a greenshift…

Given that I partook in this round and was the blind lizard cargo tech, I’d like to add that the QM busted open the Sec locker near round start (iirc) from the Sec office in cargo. (i did make the spear but refused to throw it at the locker after he told me why he wanted me to make it.) He also actively tried to prevent the arrest of another cargo tech (iirc their first name was Vex) that was wanted after I let Sec in. (Which lead to them both getting arrested and probably kicking this off.)

Random thing I didn’t bother ahelping at the time is that Vex and some random with a bat beat me into crit because I got him arrested.

If you need more details, I can try and give what I know.

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thank you for adding alittle more info to this!

this has been handled. thanks for the report!