Changeling absorbing randos, sabotaging SM and uploading O2 is toxic

Byond Account: Pepsilawn
Character Name(s): Xar-See 
Discord Name: Pepsilon#7751
Round ID: 12752
Griefer Byond account: Random_estonian
Griefer Byond name: Johan Farlock
What happened:

As the changeling Chief Engineer, they began sabotaging the SM on purpose by filling it with plasma along with a fellow ling. The SM configuration was shiftstart they later admitted to doing it on purpose, so it wasn’t an attempt at making a plasma SM. The sabotage cost the lives of multiple engineers, notably Todd Harshman and Default Cyborg-170, the later being dusted in an attempt to RCD the floors.


Later on, Sergio Aggley, an atmosian, came to save the supermatter. Johan proceeded to flash them, drag them to maintenance and armblade them to death before absorbing them. They were not part of any changeling’s objective.


Finally, despite not having any objective warranting this, they proceeded to purge and upload Oxygen is Toxic to the AI. This caused multiple people to end up spaced and having their shift ruined, being removed from the round with no way of getting back.


This was their objectives:

Dealt with it. Thanks for the report.