Changeling not doing his objectives, outing other lings

Byond Account:salut hello

Character Name(s): Jacqueline ironmonger

Discord Name: Ironmonger#3399

Round ID: 10715

Griefer Byond account:

Crabus Ravus the Geneticist and survived

Griefer Byond name:


What happened:
He pdad me and outed himself as a ling, i told him that i would agree if he worked for me and helped me catch other lings and i’d think about his tasks, but it became clear to me that his tasks were team objective, he already outed one ling and he was talking OOC a lot about griefing.

he shouldnt of had done that with team objective, i understand when a ling would have absorb another, or assasinate someone (you help sec kill like 3 real lings, then say your target was a ling and they would believe you no questions asked) THAT sort of stuff, but the guy had no intention to play as a ling, said something like he just takes antags to defend himself.
I’ve ahelped and let him go.

if he just takes antags to defend himself and not do his objectives, then that’s basically just advanced powergaming. And outing other lings on team objective is definitely griefing.

Sorted it, thanks for the report and sorry for the extremely late response.