Chemical grenader two shifts

Byond Account:Masebot1
Character Name(s):Miss tulip
Discord Name:Masebot1
Round ID:25514 -25515
Griefer IC name: joey mens
Griefer Byond account (if known): unkown

What happened:
ROUND 25514
Clown (Junky) was killed earlier in the round. was then revived and someone put a chemical grenade with a trigger in their bag. They went up to hop to talk to them about why they were killed. Bag detonates.
I am assuming it joey mens put the the grenade in their bag since explosions were similar next shift.

ROUND 25515:
observing we saw a medical doctor (joey mens) dragging a fuel tank with igniter and signaler around station. Seems to had beef with a Chef. Detonated in kitchen. Later I noticed they had a chemical grenade in a box. They used on the chef causing kitchen to burn down. The grenade explosion was similar to the previous shift.

     Later james Igdine was dead and a sec asked for help reviving them, THey took the captain sword from room next to it and decided best to behead the moth instead for MMI.
On top of that they hardly did anything medical related in the shift.

Both shift round reports they were not antags.


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I can second Joey being a POS. Dude has done nothing but grief all day long.

T.Hanks for the report! Very much went as you said. The player in question has been already permad for doing identical stuff during another shift