Chemist tries to kill me on shuttle after seeing me commit a ritualistic murder, which was explained to him

Byond Account: The_Maggot_Guy
Character Name(s): Charlie Finger (me), Charles Brown (bad man), Amadeus (guy who consented
Discord Name: The Maggot Guy#3950
Round ID: 14070
Griefer Byond account: idk
Griefer Byond name: Charles Brown 
What happened:

Part of my chaplain shtick is consensually giving people brain damage via the hypertool, I call them “brain trials”. But I tell people they are trials by the gods, and in fact that the 10th trial (hit) is total brain death, and that I do not reccomend it.

Guy in chapel wants to undergo 9 such trials. I hit him 9 times and after, tell them that he will probably die of brain damage. The shuttle arrives and we board, and it leaves. I ask him if he wants to undergo the 10th trial (which he knows is total brain death). He says “Might as well”. I worship the Greek Pantheon, so I ask him to greet lord Hades for me. I hit him, and nothing happens.

I realize I do not know how much brain damage it deals (I forgot) and state as much, and then ask him if he “wishes to find out (how many hits it takes till total brain death)”. He says “Yes”, I say “Good.”. I hit him twice more and he dies.

Very consensual.

Charles Brown the chemist sees this and keeps trying to hit me. (like 8 or 9 times) I tell him “What teh fuck” and “stop” and he hits me 3 more times so I bash him with the hypertool 3 times. He runs off. After a few seconds pass I look for him to tell him that he’s an idiot because the guy consented. The guy responds something about “Do be crazy doe” with a clown mic.

I go to the on-shuttle med for healing and he starts trying to hit me again. I defend myself with the tool. I tell him to “Stop.” “Now.” “Before you hurt yourself.” he keeps trying to attack me, and he ends up with severe brain traumas that make him stop moving and drop shit. He leaves.

He decides it is a good idea to continue valid hunting me, and comes back with a fire axe.

TLDR, I drop my tool, he steals it, he gets the fire axes, drops it, and I hit him with it. I sit in my chair and tell him I will kill him if he comes near me, he does, and without getting up I chop him again. He then finally fucks off and dies somewhere else.

TLDR, guy dies to consensual murder, chem tries to valid hunt me on shuttle bc of this and dies for it.

Edit: Wildly fucking based. lightning response, no accusations of “bruh he died you r shitter ban u 2” very refreshing

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Dealt with!

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