Chemist using explosives to blow himself up then kill me

Byond Account: RangerDanger57
Character Name(s): Dayton Stocker
Discord Name: rangerdanger57
Round ID: 26634
Date: 25.06.2023
Griefer IC name: Carap Eristof
Griefer Byond account (if known): Unknown

What happened:

After spawning in and starting to do the usual chem duties, Carap comes in, takes components for making grenades, and immediately leaves. After a short while, he blows himself up at the bigger chem lab (the one with plumbing equipment) and I go over there and drag him out of the spaced interior. After the other chemist also blows himself up (from what I gathered from quickly inspecting the chem dispenser he was probably making meth and added all components at once), a little while later he comes in with a beaker, puts it in the reaction chamber and runs out of the room.

I look in the machine but I find the beaker empty with the temperature set to 900k, and after a short while the chem lab explodes with me in it. Thankfully I don’t lose any limbs or die, so I go to the main part of med in birdshot to heal and try to report it, however, all of sec is dead and RD didn’t care. Because he spaced chem, and some part of med, this leads to the little room at the center of med to start running out of air. I can’t leave because of the firelocks so when I ran out of air in my canister I tried to escape by going into the trash/disposal unit and having someone else send me to a part of the station where there’s air, however, I get into crit and lay there unconscious.

After some time I see footprints around me and I then get killed by the same chemist with a pickaxe, while another scientist is also beating me to death.

The reason why I’m making this is because:

  1. I didn’t see his name anywhere on the end-round card, as I was expecting him to be a traitor with the task to kill me. Or at least a brainwashed but his name wasn’t anywhere to be found.
  2. In the next round, 26636 (actually the second next because the server restarted after a round start) he got into an argument with the viro for “stealing” the chem dispenser from the plumbing chem area in Meta and repeatedly calling for sec. This kept on until he (with components taken once again from the front office at the round start) blew himself up, spacing viro and gibbing himself.

The 2nd point was dealt with in-round

Player in question has been banned from the server for an unrelated matter.