Chickenjock OOC Ban appeal

Byond Account: Chickenjock
Character Name(s): Damon Markus, Isabel Carr, Donnie Q
Discord Name : chickenjock#8765
Round ID of Ban: 21301 

Ban Message Banned from Roles: OOC permanently - Posted a giant copypasta in OOC.
State your appeal:
Screenshot (59)

So I posted a pasta, got warned not to do it again, and didnt. Im pretty sure i said literally nothing between the pasta and getting banned. I was temp banned once from OOC for posting inappropriate pastas before, and since then I have kept my pastas more appropriate and havent gotten any complaints. (for the record, this pasta was a person responding to an internet scam. I even censored and removed certain bits that i was worried might have caused issue before posting it)
So I’ve played on this server for several years now, but I haven’t played in over a year or so. Back when I played, people posted copypastas pretty much nonstop. On my discord server, we have a channel dedicated specifically to fulp pastas. Anywho, if the server has changed their rules and doesn’t want pastas anymore, Ill comply. I just dont think it should be a perma banned from OOC due to ignorance.

I’m accepting this because copypastas aren’t technically against the rules, but know you are on very thin ice after the previous sexual content.