Clown pulls Radioactive prank building uranium toilets

Byond Account: Delta0star
Character Name(s): Nush-kajul
Discord Name: Nush-Kajul
Round ID:19913
Griefer IC name: Grabby
Griefer Byond account (if known): N/A

What happened:
During round 19913 someone was placing Uranium toilets in the station around the hallway outside security people were getting irradiated from this and it was becoming a major problem later in the shift it happens again around the center of the station and again it started to irradiate people after another bit of time passed i catch grabby creating uranium toilets again around the center of the station and i stop him after the round ended it shown he was not an antag and it seemed as though he was purposely placing them.

I would have ahelped that shift but no admins were on at the time

Dealt with, thanks.