CMO Locked me in a room and murdered me

Byond Account: Ryan Blackwell

Character Name(s): Alec Brooke

Discord Name: Alec Brooke / Big Iron#2390

Round ID: 10205

Griefer Byond account: Bilbo367

Griefer Byond name: Jacob Wood

What happened: I was playing as a paramedic, and late into the shift I caught the CMO trying to drag someone into the psychologist’s office. The other person broke free, but I watched, wondering what was going on. He then grabbed me and dragged me inside, letting the door close behind us. He said he was curious if I could open the door, and when I couldn’t, he simply said “Interesting” then began attacking me with a saw. I retaliated, trying to protect myself, but he killed me before I could crit him. I couldn’t have been his antag target because I caught him dragging whoever he could into the room.

This has been looked into! Generally, antags are allowed to kill witnesses as long as they don’t permanently remove them which looks to be what happened. Thanks for the report!