CommanderKeef Ban Appeal

Byond Account: CommanderKeef
Character Name(s): Danno Davidson (I think)
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): CommanderKeef#6615
Round ID of Ban: 19436

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: I was fairly indignant about this at first due to the nature of my comments/actions, seeing as I had thought the rules on sexual content applied to ERP and the like, not so much the banter I was engaging in. I totally accept the ban however, and considering it’s been a while now I figured I would write an appeal with the promise that I won’t engage in the same vulgarity when playing in the future. For context, I was making crude jokes/roasts about small penis, my ass etc. I understand now that any sexual references or content no matter the frivolity or context are unacceptable and will keep this in mind if I am allowed to return. Cheers!


Sure, sounds good, just please be aware that you will be put back on perma if this happens again.

Your appeal has been accepted; you should be able to log into the server now. If not, please let me (or another admin) know.