Consistant player griefing

Byond Account: MentalDecayed
Byond Name: Peppino Vocelli
Discord: MentalDecayed#6355
Round Number: 10743
Griefer Name: Likteer
What happened:
as a paramedic, i went into engineering and put up an operating computer and surgery table so irradiated and burned engineers can be healed quickly and safely without endangering the rest of the crew. Likteer told me the gods won’t like it, dispite him not being an admin or mod, then proceeded to crit me after he saw i had insulated gloves that i obtained freely. He isn’t a mod or sec. he has no right to police me for rules he actively ignores himself. He has done other greify shit other rounds but i haven’t reported it. i’ll have to wait for future rule breaks for me to report.

Sorted, sorry for late reply.