Danny Boy Mentor Application

Well theres a whole redtide going on right now, so i might as well give it a shot

Byond Account: MentalCow
Character Name(s): Danny Boy, LOADER
Discord Name: Mental#6402
Age: 18
Active hours: 12:00-02:00 on weekends, 16:00-00:00 on weekdays
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: probably not, but thats subject to change probably

How long have you played on Fulpstation?:
420 living hours, 150 ghost hours (observer gang)

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?:

Sec: my bread and butter, holy fuck i fucking love and hate playing sec but with it being my main department and taking up over a 1/4 of my living time, i’d say im confident enough in my ability and knowledge of playing sec. Most shifts as sec lately i’ve been correcting other officers and some wardens and HoSs about Space Law (they keep using TG space law for christ sake). Also if a sec is constantly acting like shitsec, you’d best believe im demoting his ass instantly when im HOS (I fucking despise harmbatons)

Medical: I’ve played MD and Paramedic enough to understand how surgery works and what to do for each wound. Chemistry and virology i only know the basics of each (I usually have to make mutadone whenever im a sec during hulktides), and thats only because i messed around with them on a private server to get a taste the job (wasn’t a fan of either)

Engineering: I know the basics of engineering (don’t ask me about the SM…) from either building stuff as another job, playing an engi borg (most of my borg hours) or messing around in a private server.

Science: I know pretty much everything about genetics, and Robotics im pretty knowledgeable in from either playing a borg and telling new roboticists what to do or from fiddling with it on a private server(damn im saying that alot)

Service: Mostly playing Mime, but the other jobs have fairly simple mechanics that i understand by dicking around playing another job. I’ve got enough hours in Janitor to know not to use a mop and water at the entrance of Medical and enough experience to laugh in the face of those who didn’t read my Wet Floor signs

Command: Mostly HoS (unlocked cap but haven’t gotten the chance to play as one yet) and a bit of HoP. I know when to Red Alert, when to call, when to recall, when to yell MALF AI, and when to yell at centcom to send a deathsquad.

Overall I kinda just learned the basics and mechanics of each department by messing around on a private server to test out wether or not i’d enjoy playing the jobs, or just by messing/playing around as other jobs on Fulp.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?:
Lot of people can act like children when it comes to the rules, whether its people breaking the rules who are 1 bwoink away from writing a reddit post, or sec that arrest clowns for JUST slipping them and jailing them for 12 minutes (true and tiring story). Its fun to play with chill folk who have a good understanding of the rules and can have actually fun with the game without roleplaying as a serial killer.


+1, observer gang is a huge plus.

+1 british


-1 for being british
+2 for fellow seccie

+1 for sure, good sec

Seems like a level-headed sec, haven’t seen a lot of complains and I’ve had good interactions with him. +1

called me stupid -1 :/ but hes cool so +2 :]

+5 for being british the british tide will rain supreme
-1 for being sec :slight_smile:

i have learned that he is not actually british so i retract my +5 he now gets a +1 for being irish

+1 he threw a bola at me one time

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I normally stay out of apps because I either skip over the section entirely on the forum or I don’t have a strong opinion, but your name rings a bell as someone who I gave a positive note to awhile ago due to your good security play. And you’re enjoyable to talk to on discord. So an obvious +1 from me :slight_smile:


Accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!