Desmon123 story and appealing for 3 day ban

Byond Account: Desmon123
Character Name(s): Damocles Unvratasmon
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Desmon248
Round ID of Ban: 15863
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): (i dont know what this means)
State your appeal: hello i came here to appeal for a ban.

So im gonna tell the full story of what happened i hope the admin named Tom (If this is his name) can review my case again and please cease the ban.
ALL started at the botany center where a police sec tried to break inside botany out of no where, at the begining we dint understand why but after he broke in a huge fight and he attacked my team, i was wounded but manage to grab a baseball bat and non stop beating him, i am also asking im Sorry i dint stop hurting him, in the heat of the moment i was in panic and angry cause he manage to hurt allot of us and destroying the plants in botany, If the admin who banned read this please know that i did not lied to you i needed a bit more time to explain everthing, ALL i am asking is a second chance.

If i am not mistaken this happened at delta station, but it could be other.

I was the officer in question. I jokingly fired disablers at Bryce, then left to get tackling gloves. I later heard you guys had bats, so used my gripper, got a riot suit and left to tackle you guys. I entered botany, and tackled. You responded with with bats to the face, so I started stunbatoning, then the bartender shoots me to stamcrit, and you bat me to death. I didnt harm you or anyone else, I used a stunbaton on stun mode and gripper gloves. I did not touch your plants, I did not harm anyone, you’re pulling it out of your ass.
I threw a bola too, but that also isnt anything bad, it slows you down.

But also, like I repeatedly said in the round, my problem was not that you attacked me with the bats, its that you didnt stop at crit, you kept doing until I was at ~180 Brute, so I was nearly dead, and succumbed seconds after being dragged out of Botany.

First we had bats because we where planning to farm killer tomates, second you went in botany shooting everyone with disablers than you appealed for stun batons, THIRD you COULD ASKED for us to explain why we had baseball bats but you decide to go FULL Rambo on us.

1 - Why were you planning on farming killer tomatoes as a non antag?
2 - I went in botany to tackle the bats out of your hands, because I didnt think you guys were out to legitimately murder as non antags.
3 - Why would I have to ask why you had bats when you broadcasted it over common?

Everthing started because YOU decided to shoot first and ask questions LATER.

1 we was planning to farm killer tomates to kill them for tomatoe meat for the kitchen

2 like i said you dint ASKED us give the baseball bats to you WICH we WOULD

3 broadcast over what? I wasnt seelling baseball bats to the public

Any more questions oh bideway i dint fall with disrespect with you in here so please dont try to turn this Topic to a trash talk competion.

So, im the other botanist, I do admit we did get a bit carried away when batting williard.

I take responsibility by my actions i hope you take it too for what you have done, oh bideway you attacked the let me put in list
2 botanists
1 bartender
2 investigators
1 kitchen chef

Note: despiste this people thanked me for done that with you, ALSO they told me you was an abbuser police guard, i aint proud of what i done.

I agree with Bruce we over reacted but inst Bruce fault
I want to end this Topic and i am appealing for a 3 days ban that i took

And by the look of it you dint regret anything and is acting proud of what you done by leading NOT ONLY ME to a ban but also i believe that other people got banned or received threats to be banned too.

After your outburst in the Discord, you really think we want you here? No. Denied.