Diasyl aka Kristopher Erbolat perma-job ban appeal

  1. Byond Account: Diasyl
  2. Character Name(s): Kristopher Erbolat
  3. Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): DrTuxedo#0931
  4. Round ID of Ban: 14905
  5. Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Banned from Roles: Head of Security, Warden, Detective, Brig Physician, Deputy, Security Officer permanently - Round 14905: Core Rule 2, Security 4.2, 4.4, Escalation 3: As a detective, over the course of the round, you shot at 6 different individuals who had not made any lethal(or otherwise) move against you. You also beat somebody to death for tresspassing, claiming that they were dangerous, despite them only shoving you and throwing a bola at you. Obviously you aren’t ready to play sec. Take a break and appeal on the forums when you can control your trigger finger and follow space law/the rules. https://forum.fulp.gg/
  6. State your appeal: 6 individuals shot? I remember only shooting: Traitor Assitant in inflitrator suit and seed extractor full of Death Nettles and bluespace bananas (This was in brig and he also had thermite), so he was very dangerous. Then there was a brig bombing, it enterance exploded and i left to see what happened, and i seen assistant in gas mask and mosin, after he seen me he started to run away, i fired some bullets in his direction but i didn’t fired directly at him because he left my field of view. Then there was chemist in gas mask (That guy as ban said “Killed for tresspasing”), without ID and with stun baton, disabler and energy bola, he got in brig and threw bola at me, Stun weapons are considired a “Dangerous and Armed” by space law so i fired some bullets in him, most didn’t hit him so he rushed at me and i used my baton, later on he was revived by brig phys but he didn’t put handcuffs on so he got flashbang and tried to escape. After that i stunned and bludgeoned him with baton (Which i shouldn’t do, i should’ve been just stunned) because in my eyes he was very dangerous, he died after that. (He later got in medbay and for some reason GIBBED). So i intentionaly shoot only 3 people others caught in crossfire. I acknowledge that harm batoning is bad thing to do, but it was a stressful situation for me so i didn’t find better solution. (Also love that brig phys who didn’t even tried to stop that chemist, and just let him be when he threw a bola at me.)
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I have edited the ban length to 7 days from the original ban, which means it is expired as of this post. Though please know that ANY security nonsense even similar to this will end you straight back to a security perma. Do not fire your weapon at a random person in offense, excluding round-ending threats. The revolver is for defence only in ordinary situations. Especially know that beating someone from full health to -180 is not ok in the slightest. I’m really going out on a limb here for you, so I’d really appreciate if you learn the space law and security rules and stick to them.