Discord ban appeal |ckey : coldstrike34 \ discord username : Coldstrike#6732

Byond Account: Coldstrike34
Character Name(s): Boston Jack
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Coldstrike#6732
Round ID of Ban: It was a discord ban

Ban Message (Gyazo/Imgur or copy and paste):It was a discord ban
State your appeal:

Ok so on discord I tried to bait heratio into saying a Candice joke, they didn’t fall for it, sadly they then said that they would have put me in the shed if i had said it, now because they said “Put me in the shed” i thought they meant they would have blocked me or it was just some kind of discord slang people used in fulp , someone then asked " which Candice" and i proceeded to say and i quote “CANDICE MEAT FIT IN YOUR MOUTH, BITCH!!!”

Now at the time i had already used that joke yesterday but I used the word “dick” someone advised me to change it to something less sexual and I did, which was the word “meat”, the phrase “put you in the shed” isn’t a really efficient way of telling someone that so and so isn’t allowed or so and so will get you punished. If i had known, I would have stopped, I always go to ask mods and mentors to make sure my ideas don’t lead me to a ban and follow their advice. plus I didn’t hesitate to say what I didemphasized text, cause in the past I had seen loads of people use the joke, and the people that fell for it took it as everyday Fulp banter, I don’t know if there was an announcement about the joke not being allowed or anything, but all I’m asking is for another chance now that I know that any version of the joke isn’t allowed ill stop, sorry for the frustration of having to look through this, I just wish there was better communication between me and the mod.


did l like mess up the format of the appeal? or are discord ban appeals not supposed to go here?

Accepted. I’ll unban you from the discord now. Though, please do keep the raunchy jokes out. There are kids on this server and we really don’t appreciate it.