Discord ban appeal |ckey : coldstrike34

Byond Account: Coldstrike34
Character Name(s): Boston Jack
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Coldstrike64#4764
Round ID of Ban: 21402

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
Screenshot (44)

State your appeal: Ok so i got banned from naming the station “coomstation” cause i broke core 3 which prohibits any explicit or sexual connotation/reference/action etc. Now as i explained to the mod maxspells, when i got on the station I wasnt really keen on doing the normal routine of asking people over comms what name I should put as a few hours ago i had watched or read something ss13 related and the name of the station was “coomstation”. i didn’t think much of it as it was just like an instant “yes” to me if you understand.

Now usually if a station name had anything blatantly explicit/sexual like “fap station” or “sex station” or anything like that i wouldn’t put it. I didn’t even know COOM had a sexual counterpart (smut), To me it has always been known to me as something to do with black powders/coal dust. I get that some may perceive as it being a borderline “explicit or sexual reference/connotation” if that was why the mod banned me then i’m sorry fulp should have a pop of around 20 or less cause borderline phrases are referenced everyday. for example " get fucked"/“face-sucked” (meaning you got shit on), “Gang-banging”(not commonly said but I’ve heard some gang-rpers use that phrase). “pussy” (no explanation needed), “suck my ass” e.t.c. Im pretty sure more that 90% of the community has seen these words used before.

Though the word may not be known by a lot of people (tbf I didn’t know the word existed until a year ago in my 12th grade English literature and food and nutrition course) I didn’t intend for it to be seen as a sexual-meaning. to me it was just a name. Also yes I have done my research about the name I know the name also refers to smut which is something that involves porno magazines or something like that but like how was I supposed to know that…like bro I literally just found out about smut and its meaning…NOBODY USES THAT WORD. also who in this era is going to a magazine to read porn when there are already enough porno sites and anime stuff out there. plus the name is most commonly associated with coal and black substances. if you search it there are like 4 other meanings to coom that are not sexual and are mostly substance based. so you cant really put that on me e.g soot, coal dust, coal slack, grease.

So yeah that’s why I put the station name as coom…want for any sexual reference wasn’t looking for a laugh or anything. to me it was just like “do this and get it over with and focus on other stuff” and that’s what i did. no harm or pun or anything intended. to me coom is a black powdery substance as that is the professional meaning. and for these reasons I hope you reconsider my ban.

I would have maybe considered this appeal if you had just written something like “I’m sorry, I didn’t know what this was” but the way you instead went on to describe several unrelated sexual terms makes it pretty clear you knew what you were doing, though I have a very hard time believing that a legal adult on the internet supposedly doesn’t know what cum is. This is denied.

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